Valet Services

marin home organizer vanGather all those watches with dead batteries, shoes that need new heels, and empty printer cartridges.  I’ll run around town doing the errands you don’t have time for!

Are there a million things in your Marin County home that need to be taken care of? Do you have broken appliances, dead batteries, empty fire extinguishers, etc? Do you want to have them all handled but can’t find the time?

In this fast paced day and age, time is our most valuable commodity and once it’s gone you can’t get it back. What’s the solution? You should hire a professional home organizer to take care of those needed errands and buy yourself the time you can’t afford to lose.

Restoring the Spaces in Your Marin County Home

My home organizing approach is about leaving things better than I found them. I restore your spaces while I organize them, fixing things that are broken and replacing what needs to be replaced. When I organize a garage, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom in Marin County I often find that there are things that could use a little love.

My valet services might include:

  • Tuning up an old bike lying in the garage,
  • Sharpening old tools
  • Replacing printer cartridges
  • Replacing empty fire extinguishers
  • Replacing dead batteries
  • Putting new heels on shoes
  • Refilling anything that’s empty

As you can see my valet services are about restoring and renewing spaces for my clients in Marin County. I will load up the edit van and run around town taking all of the things that you have been putting off for lack of time.

Hire me for Valet Services in Marin County!

Call today at (415) 747-8800 or contact me here. Thank you!

"Clutter is stuck energy.
The word "clutter" derives from the Middle English word "clotter,"
which means to coagulate -
and that's about as stuck as you can get."

                                                                 Karen Kingston
                                                                                    Author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui