Our 1 • 2 • 3 Process

Step 1 • See it!

The Clutter Assessment Consultation
My initial visit to your Marin or Sonoma home is exploratory and analytic; I will be listening to your needs as we tour your home, seeing and documenting the zones that get disorganized and discussing the purpose of each space…

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Step 2 • Do it!

The Organizing Work
After setting some organizing priorities, we will use a process known as S.T.A.C.K.S. ©Clear & Simple. S.T.A.C.K.S. is a system of Sort, Toss, Assign a home, Contain, Keep it up, and Simplify…

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Step 3 • Keep it up!

The Follow-up Care
My success as a Marin County Professional Organizer is measured by my effectiveness as a teacher of systems. The job is finished when all the clutter is gone and the pathways through your neat and simplified living space are clear.  But as my client, you will remain in my care to ensure that you and your family can stay on top of all the information and stuff that will continue to flow into your lives.  I will check in periodically to see how all the systems are running…

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"Clutter is stuck energy.
The word "clutter" derives from the Middle English word "clotter,"
which means to coagulate -
and that's about as stuck as you can get."

                                                                 Karen Kingston
                                                                                    Author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui