Why Hiring a Professional Organizer is a Good Investment in You

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Had Enough?

Had Enough?

Every day, people just like you finally make the important decision to hire me to help them get organized. Why hire a professional organizer when you could just do it by yourself? The money you spend working with a professional organizer is a sound investment in your home and your well-being. There are three immediate benefits you will experience during your first organizing session with Sarah Gant, your Marin County Professional Organizer.

The clutter that has been building up in your drawers, closets, bedrooms, hallways, office, kitchen, garage, has probably created long-term stress and anxiety for you. In your first session with me, rooms that are impassable, closets that are crammed full, spaces that are stacked with paper and objects will be systematically de-cluttered. The process is friendly and painless; I will never force you to get rid of things you want to hang on to, and I will never make you feel ashamed of your space or situation. Working together, we’ll decide the purpose of each space in your home or business, what that space should and should not have in it, what is the best way to contain the things that need to be there, and where to move things that don’t belong.

At the end of the first three hour session, clients are often laughing, and their posture and mood are noticeably improved. Organizing with me can be the first step toward better psychological and physical well-being.

A second benefit that happens during the initial organizing session is progress toward improving financial, legal, medical or other significant matters. Organizing home offices is one of the most rewarding services I provide. In three hours, we can quickly sort through piles of mail and stacks of paper you’ve avoided for months. I’ll set up sensible systems that work for you, and you’ll have the tools and energy you need to finally address and deal with work and information you’ve been avoiding.

Increase Home Value

Increase Home Value

The third benefit you get when you hire me as your professional residential organizer is improved property value. You made a significant investment when you purchased or rented your home. Are you getting the most out of that investment? Did you know that in Sonoma and Napa counties, the price per square foot ranges from $100 to $400? In Marin County, ppsf ranges from $350 to $750 or higher depending on your town! Organizing even a small office or bedroom can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. And if you have considered adding a room or extension to your home, imagine how much money you SAVE by hiring a professional organizer to maximize the efficiency of your home’s layout and efficiency.

So how much will it cost? My fee is $75 per hour, with a three hour minimum appointment. That’s only $225 to get all three of the important benefits outlined above in just a few hours. What a great return on investment. Are you ready to get organized? Click on the blue dot or call 415-747-8800 to schedule time with Sarah today, and mention that you read this article to get a 20% discount.

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