Happy Thanksgiving to my clients and many supporters

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Holiday Arrangement

Holiday Arrangement

Over the past couple of years, I have had the wonderful gift of working with some amazing men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping them get organized in their garages, kitchens, bedrooms and closets, offices, and even in their minds and hearts.  But I never expected to gain so much from them in return.  Here are some of my specific “gratitudes” to clients on this wonderful American holiday.

To JC, one of my earliest clients.  You really helped me clarify my thinking on this endeavor and cheered me when I finally got rolling.  Thank you.

To KH, thank you for opening your heart and home to me when you were at such a low point.  It took tremendous courage to ask for help, and I learned that I need to be more gentle when dishing out the tough love.  Thank you.

To HM, thank you for your great good cheer and laughter.  You are in tough times now, but the universe is poised to reward your beautiful way of being.  Thank you.

To CH, your immense energy and creativity is an absolute nitro-boost to me.  I sometimes leave your house feeling like I can stay up all night doing impossible projects!  Thank you.

To MS, likewise, your creativity and receptiveness to this process is so inspiring to me.  You are giving me so much faith in my ability to help others, and that has really meant the world to me.  Thank you.

To CL, I just want to envelope you with love and strength whenever we work together.  You seemed so fragile when I met you and you are building yourself bit by bit as you chip away at layers of other lives that were burying you emotionally.  Thank you for including me in this excavation.

Floral ArrangementTo CD, LE, LS, and all the mothers I have worked with, I am so grateful that you chose to work with me as your organizer.  Bringing an organizer into the chaos of family life requires a leap of faith and so much trust.  Thank you.

To MM and NL, thank you so for risking our friendship to hire me as your organizer during a really big transition.  I am very grateful for our connection.

To Floyd, Bryn, Dennis and Jason at Marin Web Design.  I am truly grateful for the playfulness and the professionalism you applied to the creation of the edit organizing branding and website.  Thank you so.

And to my father for his patience and financial help, my mother for her organizing skill, my sisters and brother for their love, and my daughter for the gift that she is in my life every single day.

There are so many more friends, clients and supporters to thank.  Please know that I get as much from you as you get from working with me.  I am so honored and grateful.  Love to you today.marinwebdesignteam

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