Fave Book: The Not So Big House Series by Sarah Susanka

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I love the efficiency of my San Rafael Ranch home and these books capture the spirit of living small in an efficient home that isn’t full of hallways and unused rooms.  I also like to feel in proportion to my home.  Great design details in these books and lots of efficient storage ideas.

“The Not So Big HouThe Not So Big House by Sarah Susankase isn’t just a small house. Rather, it’s a smaller house, filled with special details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants. I’ve discovered living in my own Not So Big House that the quality of my life has improved. I’m surrounded in my home by beautiful forms, lots of daylight, natural materials, and the things that I love. Our house fits us perfectly and is unabashedly comfortable. My house feeds my spirit, and it is with this insight that I share with you how to make your house do the same.”

From The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka Copyright 1998 Sarah Susanka


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