Fave Book: Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

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I recently got turned on to Karen Kingston and picked up this book.  It is a fascinating look at how incorporating the essential philosophy of Feng Shui with the basic principles of professional organizing can really reenergize your home.

Here is an excerpt from her website on the value of space clearing:

“space clearing & feng shui

For your life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home and workplace. Feng shui is a beautifully organized system of knowledge that  teaches us how to enhance this energy flow by improving building design,  furniture placement, colour schemes, and so on. The Chinese name describes the system that is best known in the West and  most easily transposes to the western way of life, but most traditional  cultures have their own form of feng shui they have used very  successfully for thousands of years.

Feng shui always works better and faster when done in conjunction  with space clearing, and space clearers are often called in to help  where a feng shui  professional has done all they can do but the  situation still hasn’t  improved or hasn’t improved enough.

the difference between space clearing & clutter clearing

Space clearing is a ceremony that can be done to clear and revitalize the stuck energies that become imprinted over time in the walls, furniture and other objects of the buildings we occupy. It involves the use of various techniques such as clapping and belling, done in a specific way and a specific order.

Clutter clearing is one of the recommended steps to prepare for a space clearing ceremony. It can also be done by itself, with no intention of doing the ceremony or even knowledge that such a ceremony exists. It primarily involves clearing physical objects from a space, although there are also deeper levels that address mental, emotional and spiritual types of clutter. People generally begin with physical level clutter clearing and then progress to the other less tangible but equally important types.”   . . .

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"Clutter is stuck energy.
The word "clutter" derives from the Middle English word "clotter,"
which means to coagulate -
and that's about as stuck as you can get."

                                                                 Karen Kingston
                                                                                    Author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui