Expressions of Love: Out With The Old

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“A house with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted.”                    ― Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist

Alicia Eggert artist

Alicia Eggert artist

Note:  edit organizing owner Sarah Gant is exploring 14 ways love can be expressed during the first two weeks of February.  This is the 2nd installment.

It has happened several times now, even in my own home.  We inherit a piece of furniture that has some charming history, or belonged to our most beloved relative, or seems too valuable to just donate to GoodWill.  We not only keep it but place it in our bedrooms, giving it some of the most prime, precious real estate in our home.  Most often, it is the Mistress of the house who makes this decision, and very often, the final resting place of the cheery antique is on the Master’s side of the bed.  Protest as he might, there it is put, and there it will stay to honor the memory of the departed.

The battle was fought and the furniture won.  Does this sound familiar?  I propose that living people are more worthy of daily and continuous expressions love than the objects of our dearly departed.  I propose that love is most sacred between two lovers in their bedroom, and that every single object in the bedroom should reinforce that deep, cooperative love.

One dear friend and client has her collection of beautiful antique dolls in the cabinet on her husband’s side of the bed.  They are dusted, arranged artfully and would be lovely in a little girl’s room.  On her side is a great, refurbished antique cabinet that was filled with all kinds of clutter.  We talked about making it more of a bedtime center, with sleep aids, books to read before bed, pajamas, and anything that might improve intimacy with her husband.  She had great fun transforming it into a useful but boudoir-oriented piece.  Not sure what has happened to the dollies…

No Th"antique" YouAnother great friend and client deposited an antique glass case on her husband’s side of the bed, then filled it with all kinds of collectibles and items that she cherishes from childhood.  She admitted he can’t stand it but claims there is nowhere else in the house to put it.  Knowing that a piece of furniture is causing distress to your mate and not removing that distress is troubling, even when the furniture is “valuable,” dusted regularly, and neatly organized.

Expression of Love:  Go through your home with your spouse and see those items or furniture pieces that don’t belong, are causing distress, or were more important to the original owner than to you both.  Talk about donating them to a worthy organization.  Maybe there is a historical society that would use them for displays.  Or perhaps you can do the unthinkable and repaint them in a startling, modern color to bring them into your age and your style.

I’d love to hear if this inspires anyone to make a change in the furnishings of the home as an expression of love to their sweetheart for Valentine’s Day 2013!

For ideas of how to modernize furniture, check out my pinterest page!

Sarah Gant is owner of edit organizing, a professional residential organizing company serving families in Marin, Alameda, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco.

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