Expressions of Love: Cupid disguised as Hermes

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“Any kid will run an errand for you, if you ask at bedtime.”  – Red Skelton


Note:  edit organizing owner Sarah Gant is exploring 14 ways love can be expressed during the first two weeks of February.  This is the 7h installment.


Batteries, bulbs, and items for repair or replacement

Batteries, bulbs, and items for repair or replacement

Raise your hand if right now, somewhere in your home or car, you have the following in need or replacement or repair:  a printer cartridge, a strange shaped battery, a halogen lightbulb, a shoe, a garment, a tool or small appliance.  The great luxury of modern American middle class is that we have  the buying power to accumulate wonderful possessions, but run out of time to keep them in perfect running order.  So we learn to print documents with black cartridge only, we wear navy blue shoes instead of the black ones and hope no one will notice or care, we dedicate a small area in our garage or car for the “One Day Soon I’ll Just Run These Over To The _________ Shop” items.

As a professional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area, I run into these small (and sometimes large piles) at every job.  It is always something of a surprise to my clients when I say, “Why don’t I take these cartridges, batteries, shoes to get them repaired for you?”  They see it as a great kindness, not as a service that they have paid me to do:  I have been hired to help them organize their homes and make life inside their home easier.   It is my delight to do anything that will accomplish that goal.

 EXPRESSION OF LOVE:  Go to a loved one and ask them if you can be their valet for a day.  Do you have a parent or relative that doesn’t get around as well anymore?  Make a date to come to their home, replace batteries in smoke detectors, find burned out lightbulbs inside and outside (the security lights are often hard to get to on the outside of the house) and run all those errands for them.  Maybe invite them to come along to stay in the car as you run into the cobbler, Radio Shack, and ACE Hardware, then go for a nice lunch or ice cream.  Imagine what a relief it would be to a widowed neighbor to have all those little loose ends tied up.    For some, that expression of love is far more touching than flowers or candy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for expressions of love.  Use the comment area below to let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Sarah Gant is owner of edit organizing, a professional residential organizing company serving families in Marin, Alameda, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco.

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