Client Care

“Compassion is the capacity to feel what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.”

Your decision to hire edit organizing sets us on a path together to rediscover all that is good and beautiful in your house and in your systems. Together, we will walk through your home and pinpoint areas of chaos and disharmony. Then, I collaborate with you to analyze not only your accumulation of material items, but also to help you focus your attention on what is important to your happiness and well-being. We will determine what you wish to keep, what needs to go elsewhere, and how best to reorganize and revitalize your space so that you are happy there!

There are Professional Organizers who claim to have been born organized, neatly categorizing their toys as children and keeping all their ducks in a row throughout adolescence and into adulthood….

Then there are those of us who have whirled about in the messy world and have come to organized living as a tool to keep our heads above the soup! My love of this work is grounded in my compassion for those who are living with more stuff than systems, more chaos than order, and so my approach is never condescending, never punitive but always sympatico.

I have heard your plea for help, and we can get the clutter under your control again!

"Clutter is stuck energy.
The word "clutter" derives from the Middle English word "clotter,"
which means to coagulate -
and that's about as stuck as you can get."

                                                                 Karen Kingston
                                                                                    Author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui